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Privacy Films, Frosted Stickers for Homes and offices

Frosted Films, Decorative Film and Privacy Window Films for Homes and Offices. An Expert and Experienced Window film company in Dubai, UAE. 15+ Yrs industry experience. Professional, expert and experienced tinters and applicators for application of window films and stickers. We offer Multi-Brand Quality Window films and stickers in whole of UAE. Free Quote!  Call Now! or mail to us or you can visit the website for more. Phone:      0543435073/ 0543435071 E-mail:        follow us on :- instagram: facebook: subscribe us on Youtube:- Visit our blog at: Blogger: Tumblr:  WEBSITE:
Window Tinting Laws in Dubai - Prestige Window Films New traffic rules will allow car owners to use 50 per cent tint in their car windows, ending a long-standing 30 per cent tint rule. Find the Complete Details on Khaleej Times , Gulf News  or The National Please follow Prestige Window Films on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram Our website link is:

Graphic Window Films and Frosted Stickers Customized

Graphic Window Films and Stickers Graphics Window Films and Stickers add a beauty to your place whether it be your Home or Office. There are the different types of Vinyls and stickers available on which you can get the graphics from a range of available graphical designs and patterns. You can get also the Custom made Graphics done on your selected Vinyls and Stickers. Graphics can also be done on the Frosted Films. Vinyls and Add a better look to the glasses of your homes and offices with the Frosted Window Films and Vinyl Stickers which you can also get customized with your on design on it. Graphics Window Films are in use for various purpose such as Good look for the Interior of Home or Office, Advertisements and instructional purpose.

Window Tinting for Home and Office

Window Tinting (Window Film) for Homes and Offices What would one imagine of a home having windows and doors all with none of them giving you a view of outside world. Many would like to sit back or lay down and relax sipping their drink or having snacks or whatever may be and have a nice view of the garden, pond, or any scenic view may be. While enjoying this one would also want to have a certain level of privacy, Avoid Heat and protection from sun or any of it as depending on mood-set. So one needs to have the Window tinting  There is always a solution available at Prestige Window Films to all of such needs. Here at Prestige Window Films we offer you the Expertise Window Tinting solutions. One can select from a different shades of Darkness in Window Tinting Films. You get Heat Protection, Sun Control, Glare reduction, UV Rays Rejection depending on the Film as suitable.  Also there are other benefits too of having your Windows, doors and glasses tinted with suitabl

Window Films for Home and Offices - Frosted Films and Frosted Stickers

Frosted Window Films and Vinyl Stickers Frosted Window Films and Stickers Design for your Homes and Offices. Customized Patterns and  Designs for your Homes and Offices. There is a range of patterns and designs you can select from in these type of films and Stickers.